Akai MPC Studio Black
Akai Timbre Wolf
Arturia Keystep
Arturia Matrixbrute
Behringer DeepMind 6
Behringer DeepMind 12
Behringer DeepMind 12D
Clavia Nord Piano 3
Dave Smiths Instruments OB-6
Dreadbox Modular G-System
Dreadbox Murmux V2 LE
Dreadbox Nyx
Erica Synth Fusion Drone System
Korg Kronos Platinum
Korg Minilogue
Korg Pa4X Oriental
Korg Pa600MY
Korg volca FM
Korg volca Kick
Marion Systems SEM Plus
Modal Craft Synth
Pioneer DJ/DSI  Toraiz SP-16
Roland A-01
Roland Aerophone AE-10
Roland Juno DS-76
Roland System-8
Roland System-500
Roland TR-08
Roland TR-09
Sequential OB-6
Sequential OB-6 Desktop
Soma Laboratory Lyra-8
Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade
Teenage Engineering PO-24 Office
Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot
Waldorf KB37
Yamaha Montage 6
Yamaha Montage 7
Yamaha Montage 8
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