Access Virus TI Snow
Akai MPC5000
Akai XR20
Alesis SR18
Analogue Solutions Leipzig
Analogue Solutions Tereshkova
Casio AP-400
Casio CTK-4000
Chimera Synthesis bC16
Clavia Nord Electro 3
Clavia Nord Stage 2
Clavia Nord Stage EX 73
Clavia Nord Stage EX 76
Clavia Nord Stage EX 88
Clavia Nord Wave
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard
Generalmusic Promega 2
Hypersynth HyperSID
JoMoX MBase 01
JoMoX XBase 888
Korg elecTribe SX ESX-1SD
Korg Kaossilator
Korg M50 BL61
Korg M50 RD61
Korg M50 YE61
Korg M50 88
Korg Microkorg BK
Korg Pa2X Pro
Korg Pa500
Korg Pa588
Korg X50-CF
Kurzweil PC3
Kurzweil PC3X
Kurzweil PC361
L. L. Electronics Rozzbox One
M-Audio ProKeys Sono 61
M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88
MFB 503
MFB Kraftzwerg
Moog Little Phatty Stage II
Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School
Novation Nocturn
Novation Remote 49 SL Mk II
Novation Remote Zero SL Mk II
Rodec/Sherman Restyler
Roger Linn/Dave Smith Instruments Linndrum II
Roland E-09W
Roland Fantom G6
Roland Fantom G7
Roland Fantom G8
Roland GW-8
Roland Juno-Stage
Roland MT-90U
Roland RD-300GX
Roland RD-700GX
Roland RG-1
Roland SP-555
Roland TD-9
SM Pro Audio V-Box
Studiologic Numa
The Voice of Saturn Sequencer
The Voise of Saturn Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Use Audio Plugiator
Waldorf blofeld
Yamaha CLP-320
Yamaha CLP-330
Yamaha CLP-340
Yamaha CLP-370
Yamaha CLP-306
Yamaha CLP-S306
Yamaha CLP-S308
Yamaha DGX-230
Yamaha DGX-530
Yamaha DGX-630
Yamaha DTXtreme III
Yamaha KX8
Yamaha KX25
Yamaha KX49
Yamaha KX61
Yamaha KX88
Yamaha MM8
Yamaha Motif-Rack XS
Yamaha PSR-E413
Yamaha PSR-S550
Yamaha Tenori-On
Yamaha Tyros 3
Yamaha YDP-140
Yamaha YDP-160
Yamaha YPT-410
Zebranalogic Circular Oscillator VII
Zebranalogic Oscillator III
Zebranalogic Oscillator IV


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