Akai ASQ10
Akai HS1000
Akai MPC60
Akai MPC60 II
Akai S950
Akai S1000
Akai S1000PB
Akai S950
Akai U4
Akai VX200
Akai VX600
Akai XE8
Alesis HR-16
Alesis HR-16B
Alesis MMT-8
American Guitar Center Boomerang
Bel BD-80S
Böhm MD519
Bontempi AZ1200
Breakaway Music Systems Vocalizer 1000
Casio CDP-3000
Casio CT-370
Casio CT-460
Casio CT-640
Casio CT-660
Casio DG-100
Casio DH-100
Casio DM-100
Casio FZ-10M
Casio PG-380
Casio SK-10
Casio VZ-1
Casio VZ-10M
Cheetah MD-8
Cheetah MK-5V
Cheetah MS-6
Clavia ddrum2
Coron DS-1000
Coron DS-2000
Dynacord Add-Two
Dynacord ADS
Elka OMB3
Elka OMB5
ELO Vocoder (DIY)
E-mu Emax HD SE
E-mu Emax Rack SE
E-mu Emax SE
E-mu Emax SE HD
E-mu Emulator III Rack
E-mu Proteus/1
Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq EPS-M
Ensoniq SQ-80
Farfisa TK120
Fromanta Mini
Hohner (Casio) HS-1E
Hohner (Casio) HS-2
Hohner (Casio) HS-2E
Hohner (Casio) KS-610/TR
Kawai K1
Kawai K1m
Kawai K1r
Kawai Q-80
Kawai SR2
Kawai SR3
Kawai SR4
Korg 731 (Prototyp der M1)
Korg DRM1
Korg M1
Korg M1R
Korg PSS60
Korg Q1
Korg S1
Korg Symphony
Kurzweil K1000AX Plus
Kurzweil K1000PX Plus
Kurzweil K1000SE
LEM Example
LEM Example Rack
Lync LN-4
Monarch EEM2800DS
Murom Aelita
NED Synclavier 3200
NED Synclavier 9600-32
Oberheim DX Sample Player
Oberheim Matrix-1000
Philips PMC100
Roland C-20
Roland C-50
Roland D-10
Roland D-110
Roland D-20
Roland E-10
Roland E-20
Roland MC-300
Roland MC-500 MkII
Roland MT-100
Roland P-330
Roland PAD-80 Octapad II
Roland PG-10
Roland PR-100
Roland R-5
Roland R-8
Roland RA-50
Roland RC-100
Roland S-220
Roland S-330
Roland S-550
Roland SV-7700 (angekündigt, nicht erschienen)
Roland T-110 (British Music Fair gezeigt = U-110)
Roland U-110
Salhöfer Mini-Synthesizer (DIY)
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack
Serge Blue Funstation
Shadow SH-22
Solton K80
Solton K160
Solton M80
Solton M160
Studio Electronics Midimini
Technnis SX-AX3
Technics SX-AX5
Technics SX-AX7
Technics SX-GX3
Technics SX-GX5
Technics SX-GX7
Technics SX-PR40
Technics SX-PR60
Technics SX-PX1
Technics SX-PX4
Technics SX-PX6
Tolsdorf Synpro (Prototyp)
Waldorf MicroWave
Wendel Labs Wendel Jr.
Yamaha B200
Yamaha CLP-250
Yamaha CLP-350
Yamaha CLP-550
Yamaha CLP-650
Yamaha CVP-20
Yamaha DD5
Yamaha DD10
Yamaha DS55
Yamaha DSR-500
Yamaha EOS B200 (Japan, = B200)
Yamaha EOS YS100 (Japan, = YS100)
Yamaha EOS YS200 (Japan, = YS200)
Yamaha FVX-1
Yamaha G10
Yamaha G10C
Yamaha P3000
Yamaha PF1200
Yamaha PF1500
Yamaha PF2000
Yamaha PSR-6
Yamaha PSR-16
Yamaha PSR-36
Yamaha PSS-8
Yamaha PSS-140
Yamaha PSS-480
Yamaha PSS-680
Yamaha QX5FD
Yamaha RX8
Yamaha RX120
Yamaha SHS-200 Sholky
Yamaha US-1
Yamaha US-1000
Yamaha VSS-200
Yamaha WT11
Yamaha WX11
Yamaha YS100
Yamaha YS200


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