Akai ASQ10
Akai HS1000
Akai MPC60
Akai S950
Akai S1000
Akai S1000PB
Akai S950
Akai U4
Akai VX200
Akai VX600
Akai XE8
Alesis HR-16
Alesis MMT-8
American Guitar Center Boomerang
Böhm MD519
Casio CT-370
Casio CT-460
Casio CT-640
Casio CT-660
Casio DM-100
Casio FZ-10M
Casio FZ-20M
Casio PG-380
Casio SK-10
Casio VZ-1
Casio VZ-10M
Cheetah MS-6
Coron DS-1000
Coron DS-2000
Dynacord Add-Two
Dynacord ADS
ELO Vocoder (DIY)
E-mu Emax HD SE
E-mu Emax Rack SE
E-mu Emax SE
E-mu Emax SE HD
E-mu Proteus/1
Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq EPS-M
Ensoniq SQ-80
Hohner (Casio) HS-1E
Hohner (Casio) HS-2
Hohner (Casio) HS-2E
Hohner (Casio) KS-610/TR
Kawai K1
Kawai K1m
Kawai K1r
Kawai Q-80
Korg 707
Korg 731 (Prototyp der M1)
Korg DRM1
Korg M1
Korg M1R
Korg Q1
Korg S1
Korg Symphony
Kurzweil K1000
LEM Example
LEM Example Rack
Lync LN-4
Monarch EEM2800DS
NED Synclavier 3200
NED Synclavier 9600-32
Oberheim DX Sample Player
Roland D-10
Roland D-110
Roland D-20
Roland E-10
Roland E-20
Roland MC-300
Roland MC-500 MkII
Roland MT.100
Roland PAD-80 Octapad II
Roland PG-10
Roland PR-100
Roland R-5
Roland R-8
Roland RA-50
Roland RC-100
Roland S-220
Roland S-330
Roland S-550
Roland SV-7700 (angekündigt, nicht erschienen)
Roland T-110 (British Music Fair gezeigt = U-110)
Roland U-110
Salhöfer Mini-Synthesizer (DIY)
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack
Serge Blue Funstation
Shadow SH-22
Solton K80
Solton K160
Solton M80
Solton M160
Studio Electronics Midimini
Technnis SX-AX3
Technics SX-AX5
Technics SX-AX7
Technics SX-GX3
Technics SX-GX5
Technics SX-GX7
Technics SX-PR40
Technics SX-PR60
Technics SX-PX1
Technics SX-PX4
Technics SX-PX6
Tolsdorf Synpro (Prototyp)
Waldorf MicroWave
Wendel Labs Wendel Jr.
Yamaha B200
Yamaha CLP-250
Yamaha CLP-350
Yamaha CLP-550
Yamaha CLP-650
Yamaha CVP-20
Yamaha DD5
Yamaha DD10
Yamaha DS55
Yamaha DSR-500
Yamaha FVX-1
Yamaha G10
Yamaha G10C
Yamaha P3000
Yamaha PF1200
Yamaha PF1500
Yamaha PF2000
Yamaha PSR-6
Yamaha PSR-16
Yamaha PSR-36
Yamaha PSS-8
Yamaha PSS-140
Yamaha PSS-480
Yamaha PSS-680
Yamaha QX5FD
Yamaha RX8
Yamaha RX120
Yamaha SHS-200 Sholky
Yamaha TQ5
Yamaha US-1
Yamaha US-1000
Yamaha VSS-200
Yamaha WT11
Yamaha WX11
Yamaha YS100
Yamaha YS200


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