Aries System I
Aries System II
Aries System III
ARP 2600 Mk II
ARP Odyssey 3
ARP Omni-2
ARP Quadra
Audio Systems Electronic MCS70
BME 700
Buchla Touché
Coupland Digital Synthesizer
CRB Oberon
Crumar DS-1
Crumar DS-2
Crumar Multiman S/2
Crumar Organizer T1
Crumar Organizer T2
Crumar Performer
Duy Quasar
EKO IRI-Synthesizer
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Spider
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp
Elka Solist 505
EML Syn-Key1500
EMS Polysynthi
E-mu Audity
Fairlight C.M.I.
Fairlight Qasar M8
Farfisa Polychrome
FPR Solistone
Gale Wavemaker Modular
Haven Haven-61 (= Crumar Organizer T2)
Hillwood Rockyboard
Jen Electronics SX-1000 Synthetone
Jen Electronics SX-2000 Synthetone
JWM Thunderchild SZ3540
Keynote Scorpion Stage Synthesizer
Korg MS-10
Korg MS-20
Korg MS-20 Educational Model
Korg MS-50
Korg PS-3200
Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer
Korg VC-10 Vocoder
Logan Piano Strings Synthesizer
Moog Minimoog Model E (letzten 25 Minimoogs)
Moog Multimoog
Moog Polymoog Keyboard 280a
Moog Polymoog Synthesizer
Multivox MX880
Multivox MX2000
Multivox MX3000
Musitronics Mu-Tron II
New England Digital Synclavier
Novatron M400SM
Oberheim Custom Eight-Voice (Moraz/Boddicker)
Oberheim OB-1A
Octave Kitten II
PAiA 8750 Proteus 1
PAiA Stringz ’n’ Thingz
Powertran Transcendent 2000
PPG 1020
PPG Wavecomputer 360
PPG Wavecomputer 360A
PPG Wavecomputer 360B
Qasar M8
Roland CR-68
Roland CR-78
Roland CR-800
Roland Jupiter-4
Roland ProMars MRS-2
Roland RS-09
Roland RS-505 Paraphonic
Roland SH-09
Roland System-100m
Roland VP-330 Vocoder
RSF Kobol Expander
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 (einmanualig)
Sequential Circuits Seer (= Prophet-5)
Steelphon Mago
Studio Hofschneider Synlab Modular
Tama DS200 Snyper
Thunderchild SZ3540
Ult-Sound DS-4
Yamaha A-45
Yamaha A-55
Yamaha B-35
Yamaha B-55
Yamaha B-75
Yamaha C-35
Yamaha C-35i
Yamaha CS-5
Yamaha CS-15


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