AE Modular Synth Explorer
Akai MPC Studio
Analogue Solutions Colossus Limited Black Edition
Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3
Aodyo Anima Phi
ARP 2600M (Korg)
Artisan Electronic Instruments Nucleus
Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder Edition
ASM (Medeli) Hydrasynth Deluxe
ASM (Medeli) Hydrasynth Explorer
Baloran The Pool
Behringer 1601 Sequencer
Behringer 2500
Behringer 2600
Behringer Blue Marvin
Behringer Edge
Behringer Gray Meanie
Behringer Mono/Poly
Behringer Poly D
Behringer Polyeight
Behringer Pro-800
Behringer RD-8 Mk II
Behringer RD-9
Behringer TD-3MO
Behringer VC3
Black Corporation Ise-Nin
Buchla Music Easel
Casio CDP-S100
Casio CT-S1
Casio CT-S400
Casio LK-S450
Casio PX-S1100
Casio PX-S3100
Clavia Nord Piano 5
Critter & Guitari Organelle M
Devine EZ Creator Pad
Devine VersaKey 25
Devine VersaKey 49
Devine VersaKey 61
Digitana Electronics Dual Highpass Filter
DIN-Sync RE-808
Dreadbox Dysphonia DIY
Dreadbox Nymphes
Dreadbox Typhon Limited Edition
Elta Music Polivoks PF-3
Erica Synths Black System III
Erica Synths Dada Noise System II
Erica Synths Percons HD-01
Expressive E Osmose
Flight of Harmony Infernal Noisemachine V2
Fred’s Lab ZeKit
Future Retro Vectra
GS Music e7 (Schwarz)
Hammond SK-Pro
IK Multimedia UnoSynth Pro
IK Multimedia UnoSynth Pro Desktop
Industrialectric System-46
JoMoX Moonwind Mk II
Kodamo Bitmasker
Korg Drumlogue
Korg LP380U
Korg miniKORG 700 FS
Korg Modwave
Korg Pa600
Korg SQ-64
Korg Wavestate SE (Prototyp)
Kurzweil K2700
Kurzweil KM88
Landscape Noon
Make Noise Strega
Mayer MD900
midiphy MatriX
Modal Skulpt SE
Moffenzeef The Runner
Novation Circuit Rhtyhm
Novation Circuit Tracks
PWM Malevolent
Rhodes MK8
Roland F-701
Roland FP-90X
Roland JD-08
Roland SP-404 Mk II
Roland Verselab MV-1
Rossum Electro Music SP-1200
S-Cat Filter Phase
Sequential Prophet-5 Rev. 4
Sequential Prophet-5 Rev. 4 Desktop
Sequential Prophet-10 Rev. 4
Sequential Prophet-10 Rev. 4 Desktop
Sequential Take 5
Soma Rumble of Ancient Times (RoAT)
Sonic Potions/Erica Synths LXR-02
Sonicware Liven Bass & Beats
Sonicware Liven FM
Soulsby Atmegatron 2
Soulsby ATX Atmultitron
Soundtronics M²Synth System 20
Soundtronics M²Synth System 80
Startone BK-37 Mini
Startone BK-54
Startone BK-61
Startone MK-400
Thomann AK-X1100
Thomann DP-28 Plus
TubeOhm Jeannie
Twisted Electrons Blastbeats
U.D.O. Audio Super 6 Blue Desktop
U.D.O Audio Super 6 White Desktop
Vermona DRM-1 Mk IV
Vemrona DRM-1 Mk IV Trigger
Vox Continental 73 BK
Waldorf Iridium
Waldorf M
Yamaha PSR-A5000
Yamaha PSR-F52
Yamaha YC73
Yamaha YC88


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