AEMIT System 7.5
Akai Force
Arturia MicroFreak
Baloran The River
Behringer Cat
Behringer Crave
Behringer K2
Behringer MS-1
Behringer Odyssey
Behringer Pro-1
Behringer RD-8
Behringer TD-3 Series (verschiedene Farben)
Behringer VC-340
Behringer Wasp
Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream
Casio CT-S100
Casio CT-S200
Casio CT-S300
Clavia Nord Grand
DIN-Sync JP-One
Dreadbox Nyx V2
Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8
Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth
Elektron Digitone Keys
Elektron Model Samples
Erica Synths Black System II
Erica Synths Pico System III
Flame Mäander
Gamechanger Audio Motor Piano
Gamechanger Audio Motorsynth
GRP Synth V22
IK Multimedia Uno Drum
Korg Krome EX 61
Korg Krome EX 73
Korg Krome EX 88
Korg Kronos SE
Korg Kross Special Edition (Neon-Farben)
Korg Minilogue XD
Korg Minilogue XD Desktop
Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1
Korg Volca Drum
Korg Volca Modular
Korg Volca Nubass
Kurzweil PC4
Make Pro Audio Dino Park
MFB 301-Pro
MFB Synth-8
Meng Qi Wing Pinger
Mind Music Retrologue
Modal Argon 8
Modal Argon 8M
Modal Argon 8X
Modal CraftSynth 2
Moog Matriarch
Moog Sirin
Novation Summit
Roland JU-06A
Roland MC-101
Roland MC-707
Roland Fantom-6
Roland Fantom-7
Roland Fantom-8
Roland Jupiter-X
Roland Jupiter-Xm
Roland MC-101
Roland MC-707
Roland SY-1000
Soma Labs Pulsar-23
Sonicware ELZ-1
Studio Electronics Midimini V30
Studio Electronics SE-1X 2019
Superlative SB-1
Syntonovo PAN
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 400
The Division Department 01/IV
Teenage Engineering mPO-137 Rick & Morty
Teenage Engineering POM-16
Teenage Engineering POM-170
Teenage Engineering POM-400
Twisted Electrons Therapkid
U.D.O. Audio Super 6 Blue
U.D.O. Audio Super 6 White
Vectorsynth Vector
Waldorf Kyra


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