Akai MFC42
Alesis airSynth
Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhyhtm
Boss RC-20 Loopstation
Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample
Casio CTK-451
Casio CTK-471
E-mu MK-6 Mo'Phatt Keys
E-mu MP-7 Command Station
E-mu Orbit-3
E-mu PK-6 Proteus Keys
E-mu Proteus 2500
E-mu XK-6 Xtreme Keys
E-mu XL-7 Command Station
Electrix Pro Repeater
Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Encore Electronics SlideMate
Future Retro Mobius
Hartmann Neuron
Korg ElecTribe M (EM-1)
Korg Pa80
Korg Triton Studio
MacBeth Studio Systems M3X
Novation A-Station
Novation K-Station
Red Sound Systems Elevata
Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn
Roland AX-7
Roland D-2
Roland Fantom FA-76
Roland RS-5
Roland RS-9
Roland TD-6
Roland XV-5050
Sherman Electronics FilterBank 2
Technics SX-KN6500
Technics SX-P50
Technics SX-PR903B
Technics SX-PR903H
Technics SX-PX662
Technics SX-PX664
Technics SX-PX665
Vermona DRM-1 mkII
Vermona Mephisto
Waldorf MicroQ Keyboard
Yamaha AN200
Yamaha BX
Yamaha CLP-910
Yamaha CLP-990
Yamaha CVP-201
Yamaha CVP-203
Yamaha CVP-205
Yamaha CVP-207
Yamaha CVP-209
Yamaha DD35
Yamaha DD55
Yamaha DX200
Yamaha EZ-20
Yamaha EZ-30
Yamaha Motif 6
Yamaha Motif 7
Yamaha Motif 8
Yamaha P120
Yamaha PSR-170
Yamaha PSR-225GM
Yamaha PSR-262
Yamaha PSR-282
Yamaha PSR-350
Yamaha PSR-550
Yamaha PSR-1000
Yamaha PSR-2000
Yamaha RS7000
Yamaha S03
Yamaha YDP-121
Yamaha YPP-200


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