Amdek CMU-800 (Roland)
BME Axiom Modul Synthesizer
BME PM10 Modular
BME Rattlesnake
Böhm Soundlab
Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic
Casio CT-405
Casio CT-501
Casio CT-7000
Chase CBP1
Chase CBP2
Crumar Performer 2
Crumar Spirit
DKI Synergy II Plus
DKI Synergy Rack
E-mu Drumulator
ESCM Micro Bass Synth
Fairlight C.M.I. Series IIx
Fuller PP-2000
Gleeman Pentaphonic Clear
Jen Synx 508
Kawai SX-210
Korg KPR-77
Korg Poly-800
Korg SAS-20
Kurzweil K250
Moog Memorymoog Plus
Moog SL-8 (Prototyp)
Morrison Synthesizer
Movement MCS Drum Computer MK2
Oberheim OB-8
Oberheim Prommer
Oberheim Stretch
Octave Plateau Voyetra 8
Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar
Phoenix Polyphonic Synthesizer
PPG Wave 2.2 Rack (wohl ein Umbau)
Rhodes Chroma Expander
Roland CMU-800
Roland CMU-800R
Roland CMU-810
Roland Jupiter-6
Roland JX-3P
Roland MC-202
Roland MSQ-700
Roland PB-300 Rhythm Plus
Roland PG-200
Roland TR-909
RSF Modul Rack
RSF Polyclavier
RSF Polykobol
RSF Polykobol II
Sanox Percussion Synthe I 71SX
Sanox Percussion Synthe II 72SX
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
Siel Kiwi
Siel Kiwi Expander
Siel Opera 6
Siel Orchestra 2
SMS The Voice 400
Syntec Banana
Synton Syrinx
Technics SX-C600P
Technics SX-E10
Technics SX-E10L
Technics SX-E11
Technics SX-E11L
Technics SX-E15L
Technics SX-E22
Technics SX-E22L
Technics SX-E33
Technics SX-E44
Technics SX-E55
Technics SX-E66
Teisco SX-210 (= Kawai SX-210)
Vermona Synthesizer
Welson Prosynth
Wersi Alpha DX300
Wersi Alpha DX300T
Yamaha CS01 II
Yamaha DX1
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX9
Yamaha FS100
Yamaha FS200
Yamaha FS300
Yamaha FS500
Yamaha FX1
Yamaha FX3
Yamaha FX10
Yamaha KX1
Yamaha MK-100
Yamaha MR-1
Yamaha FX20
Yamaha PC50
Yamaha PC1000
Yamaha PF10
Yamaha PF12
Yamaha PF15
Yamaha PS-35
Yamaha PS-35S
Yamaha PS-55
Yamaha PS-55S
Yamaha YP-10
Yamaha YP-20
Yamaha YP-30
Yamaha YP-40


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