360 Systems Digital Keyboard
Adaptive Systems Inc. Synthia
ARP Chroma (Prototyp -> Rhodes)
AVC Technik Modularsystem
Böhm Digital Drum DDM
Buchla 400 Series
Casio CT-403
Casio CT-601
Casio CT-1000P
Caiso M-10
Casio MT-70
Casio PT-7
Casio PT-30
Casio VL-5
Casio VL-80
Cavagnolo ExaGone XM64
Cavagnolo ExaGone XM64 Polyless
Con Brio ADS 200-R
Cano Electronics String Synthesizer
Clef B30 Microsynth
Clef Master Rhyhtm
Coron DS-7 Drum Synce
Coron DS-8 Percussion & Drum Synthe
Crumar Composer
Crumar Stratus
Crumar Synthaphone
Datanomics Datasynth (EMS)
Digital Keyboards Synergy
DGS Spider
DMS Eclipse
Doepfer VMS
Dr. Böhm Hobbyton (DIY)
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Eagle
EEH Banana
Eko Ritmo 12
Eko Ritmo 20
Electro Harmonix DRM15
Elka Synthex
Elka X50
Emenee Computer Play Organ
E-mu Drumulator
Exagone XM64
Fairlight C.M.I. Series II
Formanta Polyvox
Firstman SQ-01
Formanta EMS-01
Formanta Polivoks
GCE Vectrix Melody Maker
Gleeman Pentaphonic
Godwin Drummaker 45
Haible JH-1 (Unikat)
Hammond Composer
Kawai DX100
Kawai DX500
Kawai DX1800
Kawai S60F (= Teisco S60F)
Kawai S60P (= Tesco S60P)
Kawai S100F (= Teisco S100F)
Kawai S100P (= Tesco S100P)
Kay DRM-1
Korg Poly-61
Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55B)
Korg Trident MkII
Korg X-927B (Prototyp Trident MkII)
Linn LinnDrum LM-2
Maplin Spectrum
Mattel Synsonic Drums Stereo Pro
Moog Invader (Prototyp NAMM 1982)
Moog Memorymoog
M.P.C. Electronic The Kit
Multivox MX-57 Electro Snare
Oberheim DX
Oberheim OB-Expander
PPG Wave 2.2
PPG Waveterm A
Practical Electronics Microsynth
Radio Shack Concertmate MG-1 (= Moog)
Realistic Concertmate MG-1 (= Moog)
Realton SSAP Zero (Prototyp)
Realton Symph-O-Nizer (Prototyp)
Rhodes Chroma
Roland EP-6060
Roland GR-100
Roland HP-30
Roland JSQ-60
Roland JU-60 Juno-60
Roland JP-8A Jupiter-8A (mit DCB)
Roland SH-101 (Gray)
Roland SH-101 Blue
Roland SH-101 Red
RSF Blackbox
Sequential Circuits Prelude
Sequential Circuits Pro-FX
Sequential Circuits Pro-One Clear (Unikat)
Sequential Circuits Remote Prophet
Sharp Elsi Mate EL-670
Siel Sielorchestra 2
Solton Disco 64
Star Instruments Starwind Synthesizer
Synton College
Synton Syrinx
Teisco EX300
Teisco S60P
Wersi CX1
Wersi Condor Digital DX100
Yamaha A-505
Yamaha B-205
Yamaha B-405
Yamaha B-605
Yamaha B-805
Yamaha C-405
Yamaha C-605
Yamaha CE20
Yamaha CE25
Yamaha CN7000
Yamaha CP7
Yamaha CP11W
Yamaha CS01
Yamaha CSDX (Prototyp DX1)
Yamaha HS-200
Yamaha HS-500
Yamaha HS-501
Yamaha MP-1
Yamaha MR10
Yamaha PC-100
Yamaha PS-30B
Yamaha PS-300
Yamaha PSS-30
Yamaha SY20


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