Adaptive Systems Inc. Synthia
AVC Technik Modularsystem
Buchla 400 Series
Casio C1000P
Casio CT-403
Casio CT-601
Con Brio ADS 200-R
Cano Electronics String Synthesizer
Clef B30 Microsynth
Coron DS-7 Drum Synce
Coron DS-8 Percussion & Drum Synthe
Crumar Composer
Crumar Synthaphone
Datanomics Datasynth (EMS)
Digital Keyboards Synergy
DGS Spider
DMS Eclipse
Doepfer VMS
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Eagle
EEH Banana
Elka Synthex
E-mu Drumulator
Exagone XM64
Fairlight C.M.I. II
Formanta Polyvox
Firstman SQ-01
Formanta Polivoks
Gleeman Pentaphonic
Haible JH-1 (Unikat)
Kawai S60F (= Teisco S60F)
Kawai S60P (= Tesco S60P)
Kawai S100F (= Teisco S100F)
Kawai S100P (= Tesco S100P)
Korg Poly-61
Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55B)
Korg Trident MkII
Korg X-927B (Prototyp Trident MkII)
Linn LinnDrum LM-2
Maplin Spectrum
Moog Invader (Prototyp NAMM 1982)
Moog Memorymoog
Oberheim DX
Oberheim OB-Expander
PPG Wave 2.2
PPG Waveterm A
Practical Electronics Microsynth
Radio Shack Concertmate MG-1 (= Moog)
Realistic Concertmate MG-1 (= Moog)
Realton SSAP Zero (Prototyp)
Realton Symph-O-Nizer (Prototyp)
Rhodes Chroma
Roland GR-100
Roland Juno-60
Roland Jupiter-8A (mit DCB)
Roland SH-101 (Gray)
Roland SH-101 Blue
Roland SH-101 Red
RSF Blackbox
Sequential Circuits Prelude
Sequential Circuits Pro-FX
Sequential Circuits Pro-One Clear (Unikat)
Sequential Circuits Remote Prophet
Siel Sielorchestra 2
Star Instruments Starwind Synthesizer
Synton College
Synton Syrinx
Teisco EX300
Teisco S60P
Wersi Condor Digital DX100
Yamaha A-505
Yamaha B-205
Yamaha B-405
Yamaha B-605
Yamaha B-805
Yamaha C-405
Yamaha C-605
Yamaha CE20
Yamaha CE25
Yamaha CN7000
Yamaha CP7
Yamaha CP11W
Yamaha CS01
Yamaha HS-200
Yamaha HS-500
Yamaha HS-501
Yamaha MP-1
Yamaha PC-100
Yamaha PS-30B
Yamaha PS-300
Yamaha PSS-30
Yamaha SY20


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