Casio CT-101
Casio CT-202
Casio CT-401
Casio CT-610
Casio CT-701
Casio MT-40
CCRMA System Concepts Digital Synthesizer
Con Brio ADS 200
Crumar Multiman S/3
Crumar Organizer T1/C
Crumar Stratus
Crumar Trilogy
DGS Scorpion
DGS Scorpion Plus
DKI Synergy
Electronic Dream Plant  (EDP) Gnat Deluxe
Elektor Formant MA (DIY)
E&MM Sprectrum Synthesizer (DIY)
EMS Synthi 100 Mk II
E-mu Emulator
Elka Synthex
Fairlight C.M.I. Series Iic
Farfisa Multichrom (Prototyp)
Firstman BS999
Firstman FS4V
Firstman FS10C
Firstman Synpuls SD1
GEM PK4900
Gleeman Pentaphonic
Gray Labs Basyn Minstrel
Godwin SC600
Godwin Symphony Mod 829
Hazelcom McLeyvier
Kawai Synthesizer 110F (= Teisco S110F)
Korg Mono/Poly
Korg PolySix
Lowrey Model D600
Lowrey MX-1
Mellotron Digital Mellotron
Moog Concertmate MG-1
Moog Taurus II 
Moog The Source
Movement Computer Systems Drum Computer
Multivox MX450
Movement MCS Drum Computer MK1
Novatron Suitcase Novatron (= T.550)
Novatron T.550
Oberheim DMX
Oberheim DSX
Oberheim OB-SX II
Octave The Kitten
Octave Plateau Catstick
Octave Voyager Eight (Prototyp des Voyetra-8)
Octave Voyager One (Prototyp des Voyetra-1)
Octave Voyetra-1
Octave Voyetra-8
Powertran Transcendent Polysynth Expander
PPG 340/380 System
PPG 390 Drum Unit
PPG Wave 2
Realton Bläser Solist
RMI DK-20 Digital Keyboard
Roland CR-5000
Roland CR-8000
Roland GR-100
Roland Juno-6
Roland Jupiter-8 (ohne DCB)
Roland SPV-350
Roland TB-303 Bass Line
Roland TR-606 Drumatix
RSF Kobol Expander
RSF Kobol Expander II
Sequential Circuits Fugue
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Siel Cruise
SoundMaster Memory Rhythm SR-88
SoundMaster Stix ST-305
Steiner E.V.I.
Steiner Master’s Touch
Synton Cabinet System I
Synton Cabinet System II
Synton Series 3000 Modular
Synton Syntovox 232
Synton System 1000
Synton System 3000/I
Synton System 3000/II
Technics SX-K100
Technics SX-K200
Technics SX-U90
Technics SX-U90L
Technics SX-U90P
Teisco SX-400
Wasp Synthesizer Inc. Gnat Special
Wasp Synthesizer Inc. Wasp Special
Wersi Comet W10
Yamaha CN6000
Yamaha CP11
Yamaha CP25
Yamaha CP35
Yamaha CS-70m 
Yamaha E-45
Yamaha E-75
Yamaha GS1
Yamaha GS2
Yamaha PS-10
Yamaha PS-20
Yamaha PS-30
Yamaha SK15


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