APPA A.C.M.E. Synthetiseur Modulaire
ARP Chroma (später Rhodes)
ARP Solus
Bell Labs Computer Synthesizer System
Bell Labs Digital Synthi
Bias BS-1
Blacet Research Syn-Bow
Buchla Touché
Boss DR-55 Dr. Rhythm
Casio CT-201
Casio CT-301
Cavagnolo Cat Accordeon
Cavangolo DJET008
Cavagnolo Kitten Accordeon
Con Brio ADS 200
Crumar CPB-2
Crumar OMB-2
Crumar Polytron (Prototyp)
Delta Music Research Modular
Diamond Voco-Strings
Digisound 80 Modular Synthesizer
Doepfer PMS
Electro Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Caterpillar
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Gnat
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Hornet
Electronote ENS-76 (DIY)
Elka X605
Elka X705
E&MM Project 80 Synthesizer (DIY)
EMS Datasynth
EMS Logik
ETI 80 Modular Synthesizer
Excelsior EK6
Excelsior EK65
Fairlight C.M.I. Series II
Farfisa Bravo 111129-E
Farfisa Commander
Farfisa Super Bravo 111129-E
Firstman PS86
Firstman Pulser M75 (= Pulser M75)
Firstman SQ/01
Firstman SQ10
Hammond B100
Hammond B200
Hammond B250
Hammdon B300
Hammond B400
Hammond Elegante
Hillwood SQ01 = Firstman SQ/01
Jen SX-2500
Kawai P100 (= Tesco S100P)
Kawai Synthesizer 100F (= Teisco S100f)
Kawai T-30
Korg CX-3
Korg Trident
Korg X-911
Linn Electronics LM-1
Logan Big Band
Logan Vocalist
MA-Synthesizer Modular
Moog 16-Channel-Vocoder
Moog Liberation
Moog Opus 3
Moog Sanctuary (= Memorymoog mit Orgelpresets)
Moog The Rogue
Morenz-Perkes 1200 Digital Synthesizer
Multivox MX75 (= Pulser M75)
Multivox MX-S100 (= Firstman SQ10)
Musico Resynator
NED Synclavier II
Oberheim DMX
Oberheim OB-SX
Oberheim OB-Xa
Pearl Polysensor
Pearl Syncussion SC-2
PMS Syntar
Powertran Transcendent Polysynth
Pulser M-75 Synthesizer (= Multivox MX-75)
Pulser PS86
Realton Variophon Gig
Realton Variophon Keyboard
Realton Variophon Spot
Reatlon Variophon Standard
Roland CR-8000
Roland CSQ-600
Roland EP-09
Roland GR-33B
Roland GR-300
Roland Saturn SA-09
Roland SH-09
Roland TR-808
R.S.F. Kobol
Selidor Synthesizer (Prototyp!?)
Sequential Circuits Fugue
Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 (2-manualig, Curtis)
Siel Mono
Siel Sielorchestra
Simmons SDS-5
SMS Modular System
Suzuki Omnichord OM-27
Suzuki Q-Chord OM-150
Suzuki Tronichord
Syntauri alphaSyntauri
Synton Syntovox 202
Synton Syntovox 221
Synton Syntovox 222
Technics SX-U15
Technics SX-U20
Technics SX-U25
Technics SX-U30
Technics SX-U40
Technics SX-U50
Technics SX-U60
Teisco S60F
Teisco S110F
Vermona Synthesizer
Wavemakers Wavemaker 6
Welson Polisyntex
Wersi Pianostar T2000
Yamaha CN405
Yamaha CN415
Yamaha D-65
Yamaha D-85
Yamaha GS-1 (~ GX-1??)
Yamaha PS-1
Yamaha PS-2
Yamaha PS-3
Yamaha SK20
Yamaha SK30
Yamaha SK50D
Yamaha TO-30


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