ARP Avatar
ARP Axxe Mk II
ARP Odyssey Classic
ARP Odyssey Mk II
ARP Omni 2
Birotronics Tape Replay
CRB Uranus
Crumar Multiman-S
Crumar Orchestrator
Dataton 3000 Modular System
Elektor Formant Mini (DIY)
EML Poly-Box
EMS Vocoder 3000
Emu Blue Box (nur ein Exemplar)
Frogg Spectra-Sound
Hohner String Melody II
Kawai S100F
Korg 770
Korg M500 Micro-Preset
Korg PS-3100
Korg PS-3300
Logan String Melody II
Lord Synthesisers Skywave
NED Synclavier Digital Synth
Novatron Mark 5
Novatron Model 400
Oberheim OB-1
Octave Cat SRM
Octave Cat SRM II
Octave Kitten
RMI Keyboard Computer KC II
Roland GR-500
Roland MC-8
Roland SH-1
Roland SH-7
Sennheiser VSM-201 Vocoder
Steiner Minicon
Steiner-Parker Microcon
Stramp Synchanger S
Technics SY-1010
Teisco S100F
Victor M-500 (Korg)
Welson Syntex
Wersi Bass SynthesizerAP6
Yamaha A-40
Yamaha A-60
Yamaha B-40
Yamaha B-45
Yamaha B-60
Yamaha C-40
Yamaha C-60
Yamaha CP-20
Yamaha CS-10
Yamaha CS-30
Yamaha CS-30L
Yamaha CS-50
Yamaha CS-60
Yamaha CS-80
Yamaha D-80
Yamaha E-30
Yamaha E-50
Yamaha E-70
Yamaha EX-1
Yamaha EX-2
Yamaha SS30


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