Ace Electronic PS-1000
Aries System 300
Aries Studio System I
Aries Studio System II
ARP Centaur
ARP Centaur VI
ARP Sequencer
CRB Diamond 730
CRB Diamond 750
Crumar Compac Synth
Elektor Formant (DIY)
Elgam Carousel
Elka Drummer One
EML Poly Box
EML SynKey
EMS Computer Synthi
EMS Vocoder System 5000
Fairlight Qasar Multi-Mode 8
Farfisa VIP-500
HiFi for Pleasure Modular (DIY-Projekt)
Hillwood ST-303
Hillwood SY-2500
Institut of Sonology Utrecht FMS
Jen SM-2007 String Machine
Kawai E235
Korg 770
Korg 770S
Korg MiniPops 3
Korg MiniPops 35 (MP-35)
Korg MiniPops 120
Korg Polyphonic Ensemble S PE1000
Korg Polyphonic Ensemble P PE2000
Korg V-C-F
Lell UDS
Maplin 4600
Moog Polymoog Keyboard
Multivox MX-202
Oberheim Eight-Voice (einmanualig)
Oberheim PSP (Polyphonic Synth Programmer)
Oberheim Twelve-Voice (Unikat)
Octave The Cat
Pacific Melotone
PAiA Programmable Drum Set
PAiA P-4700/C
PAiA P-4700/J
PAiA P-4700/S
Pari Klingertone
Pari Klingertone Mini
Pollard Syndrum 177
PPG 200 Modular System
PPG 300 Modular System
PPG 1002
PPG 1003 Sonic Carrier
PPG 1020
Process Electronics Ozni Mark I
Process Electronics Ozni Mark Ia
Project Electronic Modulsynthesizer
Roland RS-202 Strings
Roland System 700
R.S.F. Modular Model 11
Silver Star ORP-1803
Star Instruments Synare I
Star Instruments Synare II
Star Instruments Synare III
Steiner-Parker Multiphonic Keyboard
Steiner-Parker Synthacon II
Stramp Synchanger 2
Strider DCS I
Synthesizer Music Services Minisonic 2
Univox K4 (= Korg PE1000)
Univox K5 (= Korg PE2000)
Univox SR-55 (= Korg MiniPops 55)
Univox SR-120 (= Korg MiniPops 120)
Welson Symphony Concert Stereo
Yamaha B-20CR
Yamaha B-30AR
Yamaha B-40R
Yamaha B-50R
Yamaha BK-4C
Yamaha BK-20C
Yamaha CP30
Yamaha D-30E
Yamaha DK-40C


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