360 Systems Polyphonic Controller
Ace-Tone FR-70
Ace-Tone GT-2
Ace-Tone PS-1000 (~ Roland SH-3a)
Ace-Tone SY-100
ARP Axxe
ARP Little Brother
ARP Odyssey Mk II
ARP Omni
ARP Solina String Synthesizer
Birotronics Birotron B90
Computone Lyricon
Con Brio ADS100
Cordovox CRD-0610
Cordovox CRD-P423
Cordovox CDX-0612
Corodvox CDX-0622
Cordovox CDX-0632
Cordovox CDX-0642
Cordovox CDX-0652
Cordovox CDX-P452
Crumar Multiman
Davoli Davolisint/B
Elka Rhapsody 490
Elka Rhapsody 610
Elka X55
EMS Spectron
EMS Synthi E
EMS Synthi Queg
EMS Vocoder 2000
Farfisa Syntorchestra
Farfisa VIP-202R
Farfisa VIP-600
Foxx Guitar Synthesizer
Foxx Synthesizer
Hammond Aurora Century
Hammond Aurora Classic
Hammodn Aurora Custom
Hammond Monarch
Harvard Mini Organ
Hillwood SY-1800
Hillwood SY-2100
Hohner Hohner-Bass 3
ICA S100 Modular
Korg 900PS
Korg SB-100 Synthe-Bass
Korg Traveller
Lederman Minitron (Prototyp)
Luxor Synth-S (= Korg 700S)
Mellotron USA Mark V
Moog Micromoog
Moog Minitmoog
Moog Polymoog 203a
Moog Taurus I
New Sound Minitron
Oberheim Four Voice FVS-1
Oberheim Six Voice SVS-1
Oberheim Two Voice TVS-1
Omniphon Metamorphoser
PAiA 5720
PAiA Programmable Drum Set
PAiA The Drum
Phips Mimi Organ PEO-800
Polyfusion Series 2000 Modular
PPG 100 Modular System
Practical Electronics Minisonic Mark II
RMI Harmonic Synthesizer
Roland 101
Roland 102
Roland 103
Roland 104
Roland 109
Roland RS-101
Roland SH-5
Roland System 100
Roland TR-66
Roland TR-330
Serge Modular Series 79
Solina String-Synthesizer
STEIM De Kraaksynthesizer
Steiner-Parker EVI
Steiner-Parker S/R-8
Steiner-Parker Synthacon
Steiner-Parker SynthaSystem
Thomas Moog Organ
Thomas Synti 1055
Univox K-2 (= Korg Minikorg 700)
Vako Orchestron
Wave Kit Micro Wave Synthesizer (Japan)
Wave Kit Micro Wave Synthesizer II (Japan)
Yamaha BK-2
Yamaha CSY-2
Yamaha GX-1
Yamaha SY-2 


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