Baldwin Zodiac  126S
Buchla 300 Series
Buchla Music Easel
Coupland Synthesizer
Dewtron Apollo A1
Dewtron Gipsy
E-mu Modular Systems
EML ElectroComp 500
FBT Electronica Synther-2000
FBT Electronica Synther-4000
Hillwood Blue Comets 73
Hohner String Melody
Jen Synt-O-Rama
Korg MiniKorg-700
Laude Modular Synth
Logan String Melody
Moog Lyra (Prototyp, Keith Emerson nutzte diesen)
Moog Satellite
Moog System 15
Moog System 15A
Moog System 35
Moog System 35A
Moog System 55
Moog System 55A
NED Synclavier
PAiA 3740 Gnome
PAiA 3760 Oz
Practical Electronics Sound Synthesiser
RMI Keyboard Computer KC I
Roland EP-10
Roland Rhythm 330
Roland SH-3
Roland SH-1000
Roland TR-66
Roland TR-330
Royal Union Electronics The Modulator
Steelphon S900
STEIM Zwarte Dozen Systeem
Thomas Organ Company Satellite (= Moog)
Thomas Organ Company Synthi 1055 (= Moog)
Wireless World Electronic Sound Synthesizer
Yamaha B-5CR
Yamaha BK-4
Yamaha BK-7
Yamaha E-5AR
Yamaha GX-1


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