ARP Soloist
Buchla 500
EMS Portabella (~Synthi A)
EMS Synthi 50
EMS Synthi 100
EMS Synthi A
EMS Synthi AK
EMS Synthi KB-1 (nur ein Exemplar)
EMS Synthi Sequencer 256
EMS VCS4 (Prototypen)
E-mu Eµ25
Moog Synthesizer 10
PAiA 1710
Wurlitzer Orbit III
Yamaha B-4B
Yamaha D-3
Yamaha D-4BR
Yamaha B-5BR
Yamaha B-6ER
Yamaha B-10AR
Yamaha B-20R
Yamaha BK-6
Yamaha E-5


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