Ace-Tone Ace 1000
Ace-Tone Ace 2000
Ace-Tone Ace 3000
Aries 300 Music System
ARP 2600
ARP Blue Meanie
ARP Gray Marvin
ARP Pro Soloist
ARP Sequencer
ARP Soloist
Bell Labs Groove-System (Max Matthews)
Buchla 200 Series
Buchla System 101
Chamberlin 800 Riviera
Chamberlin M1
Chamberlin M2
Chamberlin M4
Elka Panther 2150
Elka Panther 2300
Elka Panther Duo Deluxe 2250
EML ElectroComp 100
EML ElectroComp 400
EML ElectroComp 401
Farfisa Compact FAST 2/C
Farfisa Compact Professional Duo (= PD/252)
Farfisa PD/252
Farfisa VIP-255
Freeman String Symphonizer
GR International Bandmaster Powerhouse
Hammond F1000
Hammond F2000
Hammond F3000
Hammond HX100
Hammond Piper Autochord
Hammond R100
Hohner Clavinet D6
Keio Prototype 1
Le Caine Polyphone
Manhattan Research Elektronium Mk II
Maestro Music Modulator
Maestro RM1A
Matthews Groove System
Mellotron USA Model 400
Mellotron USA Model 400FX
Mellotron USA Model 400SM
Moog CDX
Moog Drum 701
Moog Minimoog Model C
Moog Minimoog Model D
Moog Musonics Sonic V
Oberheim Music Modulator
Powertran Transcendent DPX
Tonus ARP2500 (= ARP 2500)
Wurlitzer EP200
Yamaha B-6E
Yamaha B-12R
Yamaha C7
Ymaaha E3
Yamaha E3R
Yamaha EX-42
Yamaha U1D
Yamaha YC-20
Yamaha YC-30


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