Aries 300 Music System
ARP 2600
ARP Blue Meanie
ARP Gray Marvin
ARP Sequencer
ARP Soloist
Bell Labs Groove-System
Buchla 200 Series
Chamberlin 800 Riviera
EML ElectroComp 100
EML ElectroComp 400
EML ElectroComp 401
GR International Bandmaster Powerhouse
Keio Prototype 1
Le Caine Polyphone
Maestro Music Modulator
Maestro RM1A
Matthews Groove System
Mellotron USA Model 400
Mellotron USA Model 400FX
Mellotron USA Model 400SM
Moog CDX
Moog Minimoog Model C
Moog Minimoog Model D
Moog Musonics Sonic V
Oberheim Music Modulator
Powertran Transcendent DPX
Tonus ARP2500 (= ARP 2500)
Yamaha B-6E
Yamaha B-12R
Yamaha E-3R
Yamaha EX-42
Yamaha YC-20
Yamaha YC-3


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