Ace-Tone Rhythm Producer FR-15
Ace-Tone Rhythm Ace FR-30
Ace-Tone Rhythm Ace FR-60
Ace-Tone Rhythm Ace FR-70
Ace-Tone TOP-6
ARP 2500
Chadacre System 6300
Elka Capri Junior
Elka Panther 2100
EML ElectroComp 200
EMS Electronic Studio I (~VCS1)
EMS Electronic Studio II (~VCS2)
EMS The Putney (~VCS3)
Farfisa C4/153
Farfisa C5/162
Farfisa Compact FAST 2/E
Farfisa Compact FAST 4 (= C4/153)
Farfisa Compact FAST 5 (= C5/162)
Farfisa Combo Deluxe Compact I
Hammond Cadette Model V
Hammond Cadette Model VS
Hammond H262
Luce Resynthesizer
Mellotron USA Model 350 Remote
Moog CEMS (Unikat)
Moog Minimoog Model B
Moog System Ip
Moog System IIp
Moog System IIIp
Teisco Teischord B
Teisco Teischord D
Whitehall Grand Prix
Whitehall Grand Prix Duo Model 5002
Yamaha D-7
Yamaha D-7R
Yamaha YC-10
Zinovieff Musys III


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